Modern wholesale ordering software for the food supply chain

Supply Caravan is an online ordering system and marketplace for the wholesale food supply chain.

Wholesale Ordering

No more phone, email, or text ordering. Organize, manage, and place your Orders in one centralized platform.

Powerful e-commerce tools

Use our e-commerce tools to complete your Orders from Purchase Order through Fulfillment and Payment Processing.

Product & partner discovery

Get discovered by new suppliers or buyers in the marketplace. Grow your business with us.

Distribution coordination

Need to move goods from Point A to Point B? Coordinate with other merchants to make it happen.

Our Product Features

Digital Product Catalog

Purchasing, Ordering, and Invoicing

ACH Payment Processing

User-to-User Messaging

Marketplace for Discovery

Mobile Web Interface








Modern, Reliable, Complete Wholesale Ordering.
The way it should be.

Are you a Distributor, Wholesaler, Farm, or Food Hub?

Supply Caravan offers a robust suite of tools for you to manage and fulfill your Orders.

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